So what can AirActive do for me?

AirActive is an App that lets active people search, book and pay for a vast range of activities from Australia's best Clubs, Studios, Wellness & Recreation Centres. 

Discover it, Book it, Enjoy, Rate! 

You only pay for what you do - no memberships, contracts or automated payments.

If you’re an active person, or you want to be, and you have plans to be fitter, healthier, faster, to feel better, try something new or you simply want to relax, then whatever it is you’re in to, we’re certainly here to help you find it!

We’re a bunch of Aussie fitness & wellness enthusiasts who thought it was only reasonable, after all, that active folks and their friends should be able to - without any limitations - find and book the activities they wanted, when and where they wanted them.  That’s our plan, and it’s that simple.

And when we say no limitations, we mean it.  None.  Ever.

We’re not going to tell you what you can or can’t do, where you can or can’t go, how many times you can go there, when you have to book, or that you can’t cancel if you need to.  We’re just here to help you find what you want, where and when you want it. 

And you only pay for what you do.  We’ll never ask you to sign up for any automated payments or to become a member of anything.  This is true pay as you go.  Need some time off?  Well, with AirActive, you won’t be paying if you’re off the road for a while.

With AirActive, we make finding activities super easy.  Best of all, you can visit the same club, gym or studio as many times as you want to, or you can follow a trainer or instructor who gets the very best out of you, or you can scan all of the activities at any particular venue. 

It’s totally up to you, and if you’re a member of a venue, then so long as they are registered with us, you will not be paying a cent to book or arrange your activities with AirActive.  And if you’re not a member, and you’ve fallen in love with a place you’ve found just around the corner, then go with our blessings and get a membership there!  We’re here to help you, not to control what you do.

Want to invite your friends?  It’s a known fact (made up by us just now), that having fun, raising a sweat, taking on something you’ve never done before or just trying a new adventure is always approximately 97% better with your friends around.  They help spread the pain, and magnify the enjoyment, so with our Social Media integration, we help you get them along for the ride!  And if you want to share your experience afterwards, then use our tools to tell the world how awesome you are!

You can book a series of activities in advance, and make a training plan to achieve a resolution or any other goal you can think of.  Imagine it, commit to it, book it, do it!  For almost anything you can come up with, we’ll have activities that will inspire you, improve you, and help you get there,..

AirActive doesn’t just help you if you’re at home.  If you’re going to be traveling for business or holiday, we can help you secure activities in advance of your arrival.  Or you can still find out what’s around the corner from you right now.

Fitness Australia liked our idea so much they’ve partnered with us to create for you the most versatile, unrestricted access to the Australian fitness, health and leisure market that’s ever been offered.

Get motivated and inspired, use your imagination, make a training plan, or just go and do something right now - at home or away, let us offer you the freedom to arrange your life, your way.

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