What is an Activity? What types of things can I do?

With AirActive, we call anything you can search for and book in our App an “Activity”.

Want to lift some heavy things, or get some intense cardio?  Then you’ll need a Gym or Boxing Session, HIIT Workout, or some serious time on the Cardio machines.

If you feel the need for a high-paced Group Class, or a bit of energetic dancing, then you should steer towards a Step, Zumba, Barre or Spin class. 

Maybe you want a little one-on-one?  Then book from a wide variety of Personal Training options. 

Or is it time to tend to your “body and soul”?  Then you’ll be looking for something like Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi.

No matter what you’re seeking, AirActive aims to give you a superior range of choices from Australia’s leading Clubs, Studios, Leisure, Fitness and Wellness providers. 


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