How can I benefit from AirActive?


It’s really very simple!  With AirActive:

  • You tell us which classes and activities you wish to make available to us
  • You set the price(s)
  • You tell us how many visitors you’d like us to find for each class
  • We then do our bit and bring your people to you!

You stay in complete control over your business - always.

The digital transformation of the fitness and leisure industry is here!

AirActive is a very different smart phone App! Created in Australia, it leverages large marketing partners to deliver a high traffic booking platform which exposes your activities to millions of users, while never impacting your membership base. 

AirActive exists to facilitate a positive transformation of the fitness, recreation and leisure industries.  Through the convenience of a mobile App, users can find and pay instantly for single-session bookings, without the commitment of a membership.  And with AirActive, the protection, health and prosperity of the activity providers is an unwavering core value.

AirActive is an exciting new platform that unlocks and activates a new untapped market, made up of the 85% of people who are not meeting their own fitness goals.  We will help generate increased traffic to you, our Activity Providers, by connecting people every day with the activities they want, when & where they want them.

This creates a win-win for the public - and the industry.

We’re tapping into an emerging shift in consumer consumption towards connected, digital pay-as-you-go models, where users are empowered with choice & variety by a mobile, one-stop, no-commitment product.

We further enhance the user experience by not requiring them to sign any contracts, automated payment agreements or by limiting their usage in any way.  They can attend activities when, where and how ever often they like.

Best of all: YOU stay in control of your business.  This is important.

AirActive doesn’t have members of its own and can never “own” your members.  Rather, it is a lucrative casual lead generator for your business, where YOU provide the awesome user experience, and YOU manage your relationship with all of the visitors coming to you through AirActive.  We help them find you, YOU do the rest! 

We can add a new layer of revenue to your business without disturbing your existing revenue streams, membership models or marketing campaigns.  More leads, higher yields, it’s that simple!  And it won’t cost you a cent up front.  We simply deduct a booking fee once the transaction is made, and the rest of the price paid goes to you.

You don’t even have to commit your entire schedule.  You decide which activities or sessions you want to make available through AirActive, and at what price..  And you can price each activity however YOU want to – there is no fixed price mandate from AirActive. 

Most importantly, we’ll never ask you to bulk sell your time or sessions, or in any other way control what pricing or what capacities you can make available to the public – it’s entirely up to YOU: we’ll never impact your control over your business.

It’s a simple process: Once you tell us what you want to make available, at the prices you choose, and let us know how many people you wish to attract, then we’ll do our bit and bring your people to you!

We’re excited by this, and you should be too.

We’re totally committed to it, and truly stand for the long term health and re-invigoration of the fitness, recreation and leisure industries.  AirActive has grown from Fitness industry roots and is the only digital platform endorsed by Fitness Australia.  Yes, Fitness Australia has seen what we’re doing, liked what they’ve seen, and has officially partnered with us so that AirActive becomes the last “Digital Solution” you’ll need to see coming through your door.

AirActive’s created the new paradigm – we’ve taken a totally different approach to how casual visitors find and book their activities, and most importantly, to the way in which you, the activity providers, engage with our business. 

At the end of the day, the risk to you is minimal, yet the potential gains can breathe new life into your business and herald a new era for the fitness and leisure industry.

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