How did AirActive get Started?

“Why can’t I find a Zumba class around here?” 

This is literally the question that launched AirActive, and helped form and steer our entire approach and philosophy.  In order to understand what we’re up to, and what we stand for, it’s essential to understand the question

That very question, on that very day, got us thinking...  So we got busy..  We looked closely at the options available in the market, and grilled some friends who owned fitness clubs and studios.   

Together, we wondered why there was not a single true pay-as-you-go solution in the marketplace that - in a world that’s becoming increasingly connected - allows people to search for and book an activity near them, while not being subject to recurring payments, attendance limitations, and other controls over where, when and how often they could attend.  Was that too much to ask for? 

No, we didn't think so either. 

At the same time, any solution that did not implicitly look after the health of the fitness industry was never going to get off the ground.  We needed to look closely at ways the fitness industry could thrive, and at the same time maintain complete control over their businesses and existing membership models. 

So it came down to this: If we couldn’t offer substantially different and improved benefits to the millions of motivated and inspired people who have fitness and health goals, or who just want to have fun and relax, yet also protect and improve the health of the fitness industries who provided all of these awesome services, then we simply wouldn’t go ahead.   

Anything we did had to be a massive win-win for the public and the industry, or we would not have a business we’d be proud of.  After all, there’s a right way, and too many wrong ways of doing this. 

So we stuck to our guns and here we stand today; a group of fitness enthusiasts and club owners who are proud to say we’ve created an App that supports these simple, yet unwavering beliefs about the way things just ought to be

And along the way, Fitness Australia liked our idea so much they’ve partnered with us to create the most versatile, unrestricted access to the Australian fitness, health, wellbeing and leisure markets that’s ever been offered. 

So the question was simple, really, but as to the solution: we’re proud to give you the AirActive App.


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