I’ve already registered as an Instructor, but I want to register as an activity Provider. What’s the difference?

Absolutely!  Huddle up, this is good: If you’ve already registered as an Instructor with AirActive, but you also personally offer PT, Yoga or Massage sessions, or any other services that users can search for and book, then you can also register as a “Provider” in our system, set up your timeslots, describe your Activities, and make them available for users to find via our App – and they will book with you directly.

So you could be both an Instructor and a Provider in our system!

They key difference is this:

Registering as an Instructor: Your name is allocated to activities by other activity providers.  Your Instructor registration gives you the ability to create a profile and build and market your name and reputation, but you cannot offer your own private or direct services with only an Instructor registration.

Adding a registration as a Provider: When you also register as a Provider with AirActive, you will be able to sell your own timeslots, activities and services directly to the public!  So while you can build your name and reputation as a teacher or instructor using your Instructor registration, with a Provider registration, you can grow and market your business, and sell your own time directly to the public.

So with a combo of the two registrations, you can fully join our ecosystem and build both your personal name, as well as your own business.

On top of that, with the Instructor Search and Provider Search features in the App, we’ve made it possible for users to search for you personally, no matter where you’re working – either for yourself, or on behalf of others.  So if you’ve got a following, we make it easy for your fans to find you.  

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