What happens when a user arrives at my venue? How do I know a User has paid?

The first thing you should know is that every user has already completed the Standard Adult Pre-exercise Screening System (APSS) questionnaire upon their registration with AirActive.  They will already have read and accepted any warnings and advice arising from the questionnaire, so this will reduce your front-of-house obligations.

So what happens when they arrive at your venue?  We use a method of validation called an AirPass, which is displayed on the user’s mobile phone.  These are easy to read, and can be shown to your front of house staff or to whoever is responsible for validating their attendance.  The AirPass even contains a security device to help prevent copying. 

The Airpass will clearly show the name of your venue, the date, time and Activity details, the User’s Name and the location where the Activity takes place.  With this information, you can easily validate that they’re paid-up, and best of all, you’ll be able to welcome them by name, and direct them to where the Activity is taking place.

Here's a look at the AirPass and some of its Features:


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