How do I Update my Profile?

You can edit your profile at any time by selecting “EDIT” to the right of your venue name at the top of your Profile/Landing page.

Why should I do this?   

Items shown in RED below are publicly available to Users in their Apps.  You will have an individual Provider “Profile” page in the Apps that can be viewed by any of our Users, so completing all of this information and keeping it current is a great way to reach out and market your business!

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so here’s direct links to further information about some of the things you’ll see when you Edit or Update your Profile:

Fields you will see in your Profile include:

Manager Details

Accounts & Billings Details

Social Media Links

Schedule Start and End Times


Other fields should be fairly self-explanatory:

Name of Business / Branch – who are you and where are you?

Fitness Australia Registration – we are closely partnered with Fitness Australia, and entering this information may make you eligible for special discounts and offers

Other Registrations - we are closely partnering with several peak body groups, and entering this information may make you eligible for special discounts and offers.  If you cannot find the peak body or association you are a member of, please see here.

Address – your Primary Business address

Business Phone – Your Primary Business phone number for the public

Mobile – Your Primary Business Mobile Number (if applicable)

Primary Business Email – Your Primary contact Email Address (Info@, sales@ etc)


About Us – please tell the world what makes you different from the rest!

Facilities – This is a great way to let Users know what you offer.

Opening Hours

Venue Size – in m2, if applicable.

Banking Information – this is important so that we can remit payments to you.

If you still need help, please Contact Us