Can you explain the "Locations" feature to me?

When you Add, Edit or Copy an Activity, you will be able to allocate a “Location”.  You can quickly and conveniently select a Location from your list of Previously Used Locations, or you can easily type in a new one.  If you add a new Location in this way, then the next time you Add, Edit or Copy and Activity, that new location will appear in your dropdown list.

Apart from helping users find the correct place that their Activity is occurring (such as a room or space in your facility, or other directions specific to outdoor locations such as “Near the Statue in South Park”), Locations are a powerful tool for managing bookings across your facility or activity set. 
Locations can be “room” type descriptors (“Cardio”, “Gym Floor”, “Pool” etc), but can also be used to define individual staff resources (“Pete G – Gym”), or even to allocate or “split” different sections of a larger complex (such as “Gym - Weight Area”, “Gym - Cardio Area”). 

The Locations you choose will appear in the Day View of your Schedule, and can help you manage your booking across different Location resources.

The Locations Filter in your Schedules is a great way to refine the searching or checking of your Schedules.

Also, App Users have the Location showing on their AirPass, so when they arrive at your Activity, you will be able to steer them in the right direction!

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