Can you explain Categories and Activity Types to me?

Whenever you Add an Activity to your Schedules, you will be required to allocate up to five Categories, and up to five Activity Types.\

This is an essential part of our searching protocols, but it’s also a fantastic way for you to identify and classify your activities to the public.

Categories are broad descriptions you can allocate to your Activities, and

Activity Types are much narrower descriptions you can apply.

Think of it as “tagging” your activities with broad (Categories) and narrow (Activity Types) descriptors that will help the users find you when they search on their Apps.

We ask you to select up to five of each of these, because the App Users have the ability to search upon all of these Categories and Activity Types using filters in their Apps.  So we are offering you the ability to better “describe” your activities to our users.

At least one selection from each list is mandatory.

The Activity Name you give to your Activity can be whatever you want, and can contain whatever “branding” you wish, but by implementing this regulated set of Categories and Activity Types we can offer a consistent set of descriptors across all of the Activities from all of the Providers in our system.  This, in turn, allows our users to have a consistent and repeatable searching experience across all of the offerings in their Apps.

The headings you will see on the Activity Types input page are only there for convenience for you.  You do *not* necessarily have to select Activity Types from the same set of Categories you have selected.  The two are *not* related, and should be whatever you think is best to describe your Activityanything, from either list.

It is advisable that the Categories and Activity Types you give to your Activities are as meaningful and relevant as possible.  That way, you ensure that Users have the best chance of finding the great things you are offering!

If you think we should add either a Category or an Activity Type to our lists, please contact us using the direct email buttons you will see on your Add Activity page.


If you still need help, please Contact Us