Why are my Editing options limited if I have bookings?

If bookings exist for the Activity you are trying to edit, or one of it’s future recurrences, then you are unable to edit the <Date>, <Start Time>, <Duration>, <Addresses> or the <Recurrence Schedule> for that Activity.

Changing of any of the above fields fundamentally changes the Activity the users have booked, and is disallowed by the system.

If any of the above fields must be edited, and there are bookings against this Activity, then you must delete this Activity, and re-create a new Activity.  Hint: To preserve information about this Activity however, you could first use the COPY feature to help create your new Activity prior to deleting this one. 

Important: Deleting an Activity that has booking will generate a cancellation event in the system, and refunds will be issued to all paid users.


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