How do I Edit an Activity?

Please see our video for the EDIT Function

Every time you need to make any changes to an Activity, or it’s recurrences, you will need to use the EDIT function.  See also "What fields can I edit?  How often can I make an Edit?"

To access this, click on the activity you want to edit in your schedules.  The VIEW mode for the Activity will show, and at the top of the View screen, you will see the EDIT button.

You will be able to edit a single activity on it’s own, or all future activities in a chain of recurrences.

If your activity, or any of it’s recurrences have bookings, however, there will be limitations on what you can edit.  This is explained here.

Here’s some examples:

  1. One of your Instructors has called and told you they will be unavailable for a day next week. You would simply edit all of the classes they are involved in on that day, and allocate another Instructor to those Activities. Hit SAVE, done!
  1. You have a class that’s so popular, that you are going to be moving to a larger room in your venue on a permanent basis. In the case, you would select the date of the first time that the activity is taking place in the larger room and edit the “location” for it – and all future – recurrences of the activity. Once done, all of the future dates for that activity will be updated with the new Location.


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