What’s the difference between my current Timetables, and AirActive’s Schedules?

The timetable that you might have on your website, or maybe even via an app, shows the details, the day & time of the classes you have, yet this is the same view-only information for every day or week the class takes place. 

But with AirActive, these classes are bookable each and every time they take place. For that reason, our schedules are a little different from a static timetable - each activity has a different date.. 

Please think of our schedules as a series of separate “events” over time.  So even though the details may be the same every time they take place, they are each bookable and editable in their own right on their different dates.  And just because a class is finished today, doesn’t mean that the next time it runs, or all of the times it runs in the future, it can’t have a different price or capacity!  Please see more on editing.

Here's a way to think about it: If I go to the physio every Monday and get exactly the same thing done to my sore back, they’re still different appointments, made independently from each other, despite the fact it’s the same physiotherapist, in the same location, for the same price.

So our schedule is more like a series of separate events, so it's in your best interests to manage your schedule regularly to make sure your activities are as well described as possible, and that your prices and capacities are appropriately set for your location, marketplace and peak/offpeak periods.


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