What’s the best way to enter Weekly Recurrences?

Our advice for “Best Practice” when it comes to entering Weekly recurring items is to only ever select the one day to recur. 

So for an activity that takes place every Monday, you’ll be recurring it every week only on Mondays – not also on Tuesday or any other day, even though that option is currently available.

Doing it this way, you’ll remove some of the hassles that you might experience when it comes to editing activities in the future. 

The issue is that while the Recurrences function copies the activity into the future, which is great and convenient for you, it also “links” these activities together until the End Date you set. 

Once they’re linked, you cannot edit *just* the Monday, or just the Tuesday for example, so it’s far better to set the Weekly Monday recurrence, then Copy the activity to Tuesday, then set the Weekly Tuesday recurrence, and so forth.


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