What End Date should I put on my recurrences?

Short answer: We are seeing that most Activity Providers are using about six month End Dates on their recurrences

If you do this, it’s very important that you review your schedules regularlyNote that a fair number of our Providers are using sooner end times (about three months), but it’s very important to note that those Providers are going to be monitoring their schedules on an almost daily basis so that they can vary their prices and capacities as time goes on, so that their Activities can remain relevant, appealing and competitive to all of AirActive's users.

If you don’t stay on top of things, your activities could effectively expire, and users won’t see your search results. 

So for most activity providers, we recommend setting an End Date at about six months in the future - but if you do this you’ll have to make sure you review & extend the end dates of your activities after about four months (Simple! Edit > change End Date > Save).  If you leave it until close to the End Date to review and extend your Activity recurrences, you future bookings will have begun to disappear from the Search Results that Users will see, and they will be unable to book future dates with you.


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