How do I use my Promotional Code?

If you have a valid Promotional Code issued either by AirActive or one of our Provider businesses, then you will be able to attend Activities for a discount, or even better – for free!

Your Promotion should have an advertised Start and End Date.  These are important to be aware of, or your opportunity to redeem your discount may expire.

While you can use your Promo Code at any time before the End Date, you will only be able to book those Activities that take place between the Start and End Dates.

To take advantage of your Code, simply search for and select the Activity you would like to use your Code for, then tap “book & pay now” from the Activity Details page.

You’ll be taken to the payment page, where you can easily enter your Promo Code.  Once you have typed in your code, select “Apply”.

If your code is valid, the price will be adjusted according to your discount.

If the price is reduced to $0.00, you will not be required to pay, but please still select “Proceed to Checkout” so that your booking can be registered against your Activity.


If you still need help, please Contact Us