Do I need to allocate an Instructor?

While you aren’t required to allocate an Instructor to your activities, it is preferable that you do so for many reasons.

App users will follow their favourite Instructors, and rate them after the Activities are completed

  • App Users are able to specifically Search for the Instructors & Trainers they love, so having an Instructor listed for your Activity will help get more users attending your Activities
  • You will know who your valuable Instructors are.  This can help with managing staff & timetables, and deploying resources within your venue.

When you Add, Edit or Copy an Activity, you can quickly and conveniently select an Instructor from your list of Previously Used Instructors, or you can easily search our entire Instructor database and add your Instructor that way.

Any Instructor that you search for will then appear on your dropdown list next time you add (edit or copy) an Activity.

If the Instructor you wish to allocate to your Activity cannot be found in our database, then please answer “No” to the question “Do you Wish to Allocate an Instructor for this Activity?”.  You should contact your Instructor and ensure they are registered.

If you still need help, please Contact Us