Can you explain what an "All Day" Activity is?

An “All Day” activity will be able to be booked by Users right up to the End Time of the Activity.

“Normal” Activities – those *not* flagged as “All Day” activities will disappear from Users’ Search Results 1 Hour before the start time of the Activity, so an Activity that Starts at 11:00am and Ends at 5:00pm will not appear to the user *after* 10:00am, and can therefore not be booked after 10:00am. 

However, with the "All Day" flag, you can make this Activity available in search results for the entire duration of the Activity – right up until 5:00pm. 

With the "All Day" flag set, the activity in the example above will still be able to be booked at 1:00pm for example.


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