How do I create and Add an activity?

You can also view our video that takes you through the whole process.

Creating or Adding an Activity to your Schedules is the most important thing you’ll do in your Portal. 

It’s the means by which you advertise all that great stuff you offer to the public.  You are fully describing and categorizing your activities, and telling us what prices and capacities you wish to make available. 

And all of this is done when you Add or Create an Activity!

Stay on top of your Schedules - having up to date categorizations and informative and relevant activity descriptions will allow Users to discover and explore all that you offer.

Adding or Creating an Activity:

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so here’s direct links to further information about some of the things you’ll see when you Add, Edit or Copy an Activity.

Please follow the links for more information:

Activity Name

Setting your Categories and Activity Types

Instructor allocation

Setting the Price

Address / Alternate Address

Allocating a Location

Setting Recurrences

Setting your Capacity

“All Day” Activities

The “Before Midnight setting

Free for Members switch

Additional Fees switch


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