Can I Edit and change the Capacity I've made available to AirActive?

Sure you can!  This is an important decision to make, but we’ll never tell you what Capacities (or Prices) you make available to AirActive.

Your Capacity can be increased (via the Edit Activity function) at any time to any number you can safely and realistically accommodate at your site.

Your Capacity can also be lowered (via the Edit Activitity function) at any time, but if this number is below the actual number of bookings, then the activity will disappear from search results until, and unless:

  1. There are sufficient cancellations to open up spots under your new capacity level, or
  2. You subsequently edit and increase your Capacity to a level that is then above the number of actual bookings.

An example: If a User cancels their booking against a full class, then their one spot will again become available and the activity will be once more show in Search Results.  If that one spot is again booked, the Activity will again disappear from the search results.


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