How Do I Register?

Quick answer: Go Here!

And if you've already registered, here's the Login Link: Instructor Login


Registering is a quick and easy process.  You will be sent a system generated password that you must use for your initial login. 

Hint: To change this password after your initial login, please use the “Change Password" feature that you will see if you Edit your Profile.  This is the easiest way to change the System Generated password to one of your liking.

Alternatively, you could use the "Forgot Password” feature on the Login page to reset the password to one of your liking.

Upon your first Login, you’ll be asked to complete some mandatory items from your Profile pages, such as accepting Terms & Conditions.

If you have the time, that would also be a great time to add more information to your Profile, so that you can build your presence and improve the information available to our users.



If you still need help, please Contact Us