Why should I, and how often should I review my Schedules?

It’s in your interests to regularly review your schedules to ensure not only the accuracy, but more importantly the public appeal of your activities.

We encourage you to always keep your schedules fresh, relevant and up to date with appealing & exciting descriptions, correctly assigned Instructors, and appropriate pricing and capacities for your business. 

AirActive offers you a fantastic new way to attract fresh new faces to your venue or business, but only you can make your activities work for your business by keeping them as well-priced and accurately described as possible.

To this end, we’d encourage you to take the time to regularly or periodically review your schedules:  Maybe you wish to lower or increase your pricing due to varying demand during the day, week or season?  Perhaps you wish to make more or less capacity available?  And you should always make sure the correct Instructor is allocated, because AirActive users can follow those Instructors they like, and this could be a big draw card for your business.

Editing activities is the simple way to make quick changes to your schedules.  You can edit the price and capacities, as well as correct Instructor Allocations, addresses, Locations and many other fieldsMost of these fields can be changed at any time you wish, so please take the time to regularly or periodically review what you offer to the world via AirActive.

Stay on top of your schedules - let your Activities, your Profile and your wonderful Instructors fully represent all of the great services you offer!


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