I know there's no registration fees, but what about other commitments?

Yes, there's no registration fees, or periodic, hidden or any other kind of charges that you have to pay to be involved with AirActive, nor is there any minimum term or time commitment.

We will deduct a booking fee only when someone books and pays for an activity with you, but that's it!

There are no other financial commitments at all - ever!

We will ask you to register and maintain your profile, because with this information that you provide, our App Users can learn more about your business, and follow your social media and web links.  This is actually in your best interests.

Also, we'll ask you to make sure your activities are well described and accurate so far as starting time and duration, and we insist that they are priced at a level that you feel comfortable with.  The better you name and describe your activities, the more interest you can generate with our users.

But at the end of the day, if you no longer wish to have your activities shown in the AirActive App, then you are free at any time whatsoever to remove your activities from your schedule.  If you wish, simply call us and we can easily do that for you!  No pressure, no worries.

We've tried to create a completely zero-risk model, where everyone benefits, or nobody does.  It really is that simple.


If you still need help, please Contact Us